The Family

Robert and Stacy

Robert and Stacy are the owners of this crazy ride here at N3 Radio. Robert works as a Radio DJ and Stacy runs the biz . 

The Family

 Shannon Douglas

              ( Crazie Maisie )

Vice President


90’s Flashback

N3 Horrorcore Sick N twisted Happy Hour .

      Shannon is a big part of the backbone of N3 Radio. Part of the reason she is Vice President. In charge when the bosses are at large



Pop Rocks

Sabado Latino

Erica brings in Pop Music and Spnaish Pop to our lineup. with her awesome favorites in music.Check out her archives. 



The Den of Iniquities

Ambrogio spices up the Family with his mix of Metal, Death Metal and Industrial Music. Definitely a unique addition to N3 Radio



Dont Tread On Me

Maddog Brings the most awesome Political and Entertainment talk to the N3 Radio Airwaves. Along with his co hosts, Beachball and Al., they get into almost everything.

DJ Kenni Starr


Bang Your Head

DJ Kenni Starr comes to us straight outta France and is a  awesome addition to the N3 Radio Family.. His awesome Mixes and Mashups bring the party to a close every single night.

Derek Delgado

Share Guru

Derek brings an all new meaning to funny as our new Facebook Page Share Guru. A welcome edition to the N3 Radio family, Derek brings his humor to our family and yours. 

Chris Roberts

CEO Third Eye Entertainment

Graphics Design

Motivational Speaker

Chris keeps our little family together.with his humor and advice. He is also one kickass Graphics Design Artist..A lot of the graphics you see within our page are his work. 

Adam Douglas

Vice President

and Host

Adam is also a huge part of N3 Radio and has been with us right from the start bringing in new talent and connections and always ready to lead a hand where it is needed. 


DJ Double D

share for share

The youngest member of the N3 Radio Family DJ Double D brings cannabis activism to N3 Radio



The Rise of the Underground

Lyra brings her long time running show The Rise of the Underground to N3 Radio. Tune in as we welcome her back to the airwaves.